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Lets get this Straight.

If you are here getting ready to read this post, you are most likely very curious about how You can become a Better Marketer, Prospector and Closer. We are in the Network Marketing field, which encompass's several factors and  All of them have a primary thread through them. PEOPLE. Whether it is us Alone, watching that training video and setting up a vital aspect of our admin like our blog, or we are at a live event with hundreds of other people, we need to Know Who Are They and Who we are.

Our business is a PEOPLE business.

Our True Product is a LIFESTYLE Product. The more we understand about people, including ourselves, the more successful and productive our businesses will be. The more we understand Ourselves and Other people, the more VALUE we can provide and therefore Reap the benefits of a successful Home Based Business. 

Don't Discount This Information.

Even if You Primarily Use Internet Marketing, You Still Need to Be FLUENT in the language of Personality Types. If you pay close attention to the Predictability of major personality Signals, you will be able to take your business further than the next guy that just don't get it.

Let me begin with a quick Story.

Last night, I was about to wind down the work day, I already had some Rad Brad up on the YouTube screen when something caught my eye as I was about to log off Facebook. One of my AMAZING Team mates just introduced several people into our team. This woman is on fire and I admire her tremendously, so I went to welcome our new people when I saw a very familiar name. I welcomed everyone and out of curiosity I went and looked at a previous Facebook chat I had with the person I recognized. Sure enough We had connected about the project we are working on in our team. What I saw was This: After answering several questions, I Dropped the conversation. I Never Followed up. I did Not Do My job. That conversation was back in July.. Imagine How much further along in her journey she would be if I had. IMAGINE how Much Further Along I would Be If I had Continued to follow up With Everyone that I Chatted on FB about My Project UNTIL THEY SAID YES Or NO. Now IMAGINE yourself Following up until YES or NO. Its a Skill Worth Mastering.

So What.

So Instead of Beating myself up about that I immediately clicked out of YouTube and went Straight to my Marketing Library to search all about PROSPECTING. There is no need for a professional like myself to be weak in any aspect of my business, and prospecting has been a major challenge for me. That was the LAST time I was going to allow a something I perceive as a weakness to Stop me from being of service, The Best service I can be. Does that mean EVERYONE I Talk to will partner with me? NO, What it means is I will have given My Best. And Giving My Best is what matters.

Let Me say this: If you are not bringing in 20+ Leads a day YOU STILL need to Prospect. PERIOD. My Mentor Lisa Still Prospects, Ray Higdon Built his business prospecting, So If I am going to TRULY Model them like I say I am, I MUST Unlock the Door and Learn How to effectively Prospect.

Under the HUNDREDS of Training on Prospecting I have to Study and Apply, I went straight to an Audio from one of my favorite people in the World, Jeffery Combs, where he was teaching us about Personality Types and How to Talk to and Follow up with different kinds of people. Personality transcends every other Label we can attach to a person. It transcends, Decades Born, culture, and Religion. it is how We naturally move and think and make decisions.

This is not about Placing Judgement or Being Judgmental.

This is about Energetically being able to read yourself and other people effectively so you can communicate with a person in a way that is most effective. This will not get Everyone to Say yes, However It will keep you in the conversation Long enough to Find out. You are looking for people who can decide. You are going to read their Tonality, words and body language [YES you can sense These Things EVEN in a FB Chat] in order to know how to proceed.

TRUST your Intuition.

Learning who you are and understanding your own personality will help you to Get out of Your MIND and trust your Intuition. Your Ego will Exert GREAT EFFORT to get you back in your thinking mind. What You NEED right now is to Trust your intuition which is fed information From EVERYTHING, things you can't even put your finger on. Your Subconscious delivers to you information that helps guide you using intuition. Its The Super Computer Meta data Analysis of your Life. Your Intuition is Your Very own Spy, Your Very own reliable INTEL, and Its time you listened to it.

DISCLAIMER: If You Find Your Personality Type here, Do Not Use it as an EXCUSE. I Have heard that from others and often want to use it myself, However Understanding your Personality is not a way out of Following through.


Otherwise Known as:




The Monkey is the Life of the Party, fun, adventurous, spontaneous, and  creative. They tend to be Very persuasive and are Natural connectors.

They LOVE to be recognized, Prefer a Story or illustrative demonstration over facts. They love to talk and they tend to be dare devils. They make decisions Quickly.

The Down Side: Commitment Phobic, Life tends to be full of drama, Disorganized and Lose interest quickly.

How To Interact with a Monkey for Business.

Get them to talk about themselves, Be relaxed and Tell stories, Paint the Big picture for them and Don't skimp on rapport. Use Their Name Often.

Examples Of People that are predominately Monkey personality:

  • Jim Carey
  • Tony Hawk
  • Amelia Earhart

Otherwise Known As:


A Type


The Lion is The Go Getter, Take No Prisoners, High Achievers. They Produce and take pride in being productive. They are precise, effective, organized and make natural leaders.

They love center stage and recognition. They Thrive on Challenges and have high standards. They make decisions Quickly.

The Down Side: Quick tempered, might even have anger issues, Addictions and control issues.

How To Interact with a Lion for Business

Get To the point, Dont Fluff up the conversation. Be prepared and Confident and don't be afraid to take away. They Love a Challenge so If you challenge them back, they will respect you. The LION does Not REACT well To Selling Questions. Do not waste the Lions time or Show weakness. Lions do not entertain weakness.

Examples Of People that are predominately Lion personality:

  • Donald Trump
  • Henry Ford
  • Susan Sly


Otherwise Known as:




The Owl Is the Analytical Person. The Owl is detailed oriented, factual, perfectionists. The owl is well prepared, competent and Multi skilled.

The Down side: Procrastinators, Need All the Details, Skeptical, Negative, argumentative, depressed, they tend to lose people in in the details.

How to Interact with The Owl For Business

Be prepared to give a LONG presentation. The owl requires  extensive Followup.  Avoid using Flowery Language as that will make them think you are Avoiding something unpleasant.  The Owl does not Do The Take away, so if you take away, be prepared to MEAN IT.

Examples Of People that are predominately Owl personality:

  • Norman Betts
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Carl Jung

Otherwise Known as:



Care giver


The Koala is The Nurturer , the mother hen, the care giver. The koala makes decisions based on what feels good. they are warm, supportive, reliable and earthy. Koalas Tend to Have a Large circle of friends.

The Down side: Codependent, overly emotional and become attached easily. they tend to hide their true emotions.

How To Interact with a Koala for Business

Build Rapport and relate to their passions. Be prepared to have extensive followup and bring them back to the subject. Remind them of their Whys however don't rush them.

Examples Of People that are predominately Koala personality:

  • Joan Baez

  • Florence Nightingale

  • Lana Wachowski

Now that you have a better idea about the 4 Major personality Types, you may have recognized Yourself in One or More of them. You may now recognize Where “Joe” is coming from a bit more And You can Finally begin to Relate to your various prospects far better. You may have also made a decision about who you would rather work with and who you do not. Each of these personality types can and are Great entrepreneurs, the question is WHO do you want to Work with. As I learned from Jefferey Combs, I realized a signal I am broadcasting that Is Not inductive of attracting the Personality Types I Prefer To Work with. And With That, slowing me down with Prospecting. I am simply attracting the Wrong Personality Type for ME.

This Blog post is helping you DEFINE your Target Market so that when you ARE having those prospecting conversations, They are More Natural for you.

NOW, You are More aware of Yourself, Your Team, Your prospects. You can make Energetic connection with Every personality Type and Choose Who YOU would rather Work with. You will be able to READ between the Lines and See what They are Really saying so You can determine HOW to Proceed. 

These Short Video's Will help you to Relax During prospecting and Become More Productive.

I Receive So much Value from Jeffery Combs and i hope that You got massive value from what I shared with you today.

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