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Warning: You're Losing Money by Not Using the FB Challenge

We all know that Facebook engagement is super important for our online businesses. Internet and Network Marketers  all around the world Spend Thousands if not millions of dollars a day on FB Advertising. And Thats a good thing, Why ? Because it helps us to reach more people and potentially have a great impact on peoples lives. We really can't put a value on that, because what we do for people can not be measured in just dollars and cents. 

For Most marketers, We also interact with our Family, Friends and Colleagues on Facebook from our personal profile. If we are focused solely on our business page marketing, our personal page people will begin to engage less and less with our content. That is no good because we pour our heart and soul into creating high value content and if our own personal social media family doesn't see it they are loosing out on a very important side of you.

There are many ways you can leverage the activities in your personal profile to benefit your business and build relationships with current and past customers.

That being said, you may decide to keep your professional and personal lives and social media activities separate.

But as we connect and keep in touch in ways that were impossible before, our personal and professional personas blend together today. So you may consider this separation is no longer realistic for your social media marketing. [Social Media Examiner contributor Katie Lance]

So, You might be Thinking, “I already Share my Blog posts on my profile.” or “I don't want to spam my personal profile with business stuff..How do I increase profile engagement with out over doing it?”

What if I showed you a way you could increase organic engagement on both your personal and business pages with out even sharing a link to your business opportunity? What would you do if I could show you how this could impact your life both from a business perspective and a personal relationship perspective? Would you be open to learning how to do that? How would you feel if this method did NOT interfere with your Daily Business Routine, in fact, it would help simplify it?

FB Marketing Challenge..You Ready?

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My personal profile was a ghost town, however just one day implementing the 21 day Facebook challenge, I was talking to people I had not heard from in a long while. I even Made a few new quality contacts. Take a Look at one example I have for you.

This was a Facebook post from Saturday And Pretty typical of the engagement I see there.

This was a Facebook post from Saturday And Pretty typical of the engagement I see there.


Then Sunday I began My 21 Day Facebook Challenge and Look at these results From One Post:

One Post generated More engagement on my Profile than i have seen in a long time.

One Post generated More engagement on my Profile than i have seen in a long time.

fb_challenge_after_2 fb_challenge_after_7

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You Understand What this kind of interaction can Do for your Reach, Yes? Not To Mention The Connection you make with friends. Your Profile doesn't have to  feel  like a ghost town any more. You don't have to struggle anymore trying to figure out what to say. You can follow a simple proven guide that will help you get results not only in your business but in your friendships as well.

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Big Love,

Coach Tara

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