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Has 2016 been a break out year for your life or are you feeling like despite all your hard work, that you are on the cusp of welcoming the New Year from an all too familiar place? Stuckdom….

I come bearing GOOD NEWS… Whether you have indeed had a break out year or not, you are still in a position of complete power. Your experiences over the last year are ALL power for you.  Some of us was to 10X our results and some of us just want to start seeing some. Both are available to you right Now. In today's blog post, I am going to share with you a few things I have learned and began implementing in my life. You do not have to feel Stuck anymore, You are free to choose now.

What is STUCK?

Anyone in any position in their lives can be STUCK. You can be Stuck at your Job… you can be Stuck at a Rank, You can be stuck at $10 k per month. You can be stuck at 5 leads a week or 50 leads a day. 

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So how do we get unstuck?

One of my FAVORITE pieces of advice I have ever gotten from Ray Higdon in his course “Fast Track 6 Figure Formula” is :

Attack Your Default Thought @rayhigdon Click To Tweet

What on earth does he mean by that? Let me explain a bit further with some real life examples…

Think about how you respond on autopilot to certain situations that occur in everyone's everyday life. What is your Default when you..

  1. Are faced with waiting on a long line?
  2. Get stuck in traffic?
  3. Your Wifi isn't working great?
  4. You are rejected?
  5. You are hungry?
  6. You are dissapointed with someone close?
  7. When You are afraid of taking the next step?
  8. When You are Paying your Bills?

The list can go on and on, I challenge you to Recognize your DEFAULT Mode and Put a plan in place to Create a New default.  Here are some positive alternatives to each of the examples above.

  • Instead of getting impatient or anxious about where you need to be next, take this time to Release that and Strike up a friendly conversation with a stranger.
  • Instead of slipping into road rage, Make this a opportunity to sing loud to your favorite song… Maybe even offering some comic relief to the other drivers surrounding you at the same time.
  • Take the wonky WiFi and an opportunity to read another chapter of that amazing book you have been trying to make time to read, Or step away from your computer and have a quick conversation with a loved one.
  • Instead of being resentful to a rejection, look at it as a YES to something better. For example, I recently was asked over a glass of wine [or two] to have a role in my friends wedding, I was Deeply honored to have been asked, However over some careful thought, my friend made a decision to go in another direction with that role. My ego reacted, My heart was happy. How could I feel both ways? Well, The opportunity to be a part of her wedding was still there, and honestly The new role was even more awesome… I was able to be aware of my default response and choose the better feeling thought. I am honored and My ego can not have control over my joy… NOPE.
  • Everyone knows its hard to be cheerful and hungry at the same time. From the most well feed to the under nourished, we all tend to move into a default that reveals some not so complimentary attitudes. it is important to recognize that the attitude we default to when we are hungry is just that. Being angry at our hunger does not truly affect the hunger. For those of us that have food on hand, all we have to do is eat something, for those of us that do not, we have to make a real change in our minds and find away to not allow that default to ruin our chances at more prosperous times.
  • When we feel dissapointed in someone close, recognize your default feelings and swiftly look for the best of that person and or situation.. Even if it's yourself. For example, recently i got really mad at a family member for disappointing me and before I could check myself, I reacted badly to it. After it was over, I found that I needed to forgive myself more than anything else. The situation provided me with a valuable realization… I am Growing and I do not appreciate myself when I do default. I choose to be a more compassionate person and Stop taking others actions as a reflection of my own influence. 
  • The Next Step… The time when many simply default to Self sabotage… Just do it With the fear anyway. Its Totally okay to Complete your covenants with yourself, and even if you fail, there truly is no failure. There is a fact for all successful people… YOU CAN NOT ACHIEVE anything worth achieving for yourself with out significant failures along the way. Deal with that and keep moving.
  • Paying the Bills… OoO I can feel the anxiety rising in you right now dear reader… This is something completely fun to apply in your Bill paying. Forget that the money is leaving and celebrate what your are exchanging it for. CELEBRATE, really… When you find yourself trying to do that and its still rousing a feeling of lack. Start to analyze with yourself if you feel the exchange is worth it. If its not.. relentlessly eliminate that which does not illicit celebration in you. For example, if every time your car note payment comes up, you find yourself unhappy to pay it, Go out to your car, and decide once and for all how you FEEL about driving it, How you FEEL about being in it, The feel of the seats, the engine etc.. Sometimes we will find its either time to Downsize.. OR UpGRADE. Figure it out and CELEBRATE what you have found.

Are You Allowing your Vision to Truly Suit your soul?


I find that often times when I am feeling Stuck, it's because I have not lifted my vision to where I am going now. Maybe my old vision was okay for a slightly younger me However, as we grow our vision should be growing as well. Its Time to LIFT your vision to the Higher plane you are reaching for.

Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. PROVERBS 29:18

An Amazing piece of advice from Mark Hoverson in  his course “Fast Track 6 Figure Formula” is :

“When you feel stuck, You are not asking for enough. Your Vision should always be Growing” – Mark Hoverson


Another ingredient to STUCKDOM is Comparisonitus. We all get that, ALL… even the most spiritually centered… 

We, as Humans, Compare where we are to where others are all the time. If we do it enough that we loose sight of our own path, we can get pretty darn stuck. In my field, we might see someone excel faster than ourselves and might develop egoistic opinions about How we are better or been at it longer or are more moral than others. Its ugly and if you want to get unstuck, You are going to be Keenly aware of yourself when that starts to happen. Mark gave another bit of advice in the “Fast Track 6 Figure Formula” that he uses to overcome that in his own business… READY, Its great!! OK here it is:

Convert Your Comparisons to PUBLIC Compliments @MarkHoverson Click To Tweet

Just think about how good that feels right away. Man o man Being a giver of compliments is a Beautiful thing!


My Final thoughts here are that we do have great power and influence over how we live our lives and we all have a direct line to a better existence. Make these final days in 2016 a time to make a commitment to yourself to UNLOCK the Stuckdom you may be experiencing right now.

I highly recommend  “Fast Track 6 Figure Formula” for those of you that are ready. 

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Big Love,

Coach Tara

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