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Have you ever found yourself Staring at your Friends list on Facebook totally STUCK on where to begin? You KNOW You need to be building relationships With Folks on Facebook INCLUDING the Friends you already have.

In Today's Blog I Want to share with you A Super Simple System To Help You Get ORGANIZED With Your FB Communication And Get into ACTION.

My Friend Ginger Sassatelli Taught Me This THANKS GINGER!!

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Go Right To Your FB Settings

DOUBLE Check Your Email Is Correct And Click “Down Load your Facebook Data”

You Will Need to Enter your password, Then They will Email it to Your Email That is Connected with your Facebook account. Once It Arrives, They will ask you to Re- enter your Password again THEN POW A Zip Folder will down load.

Open The ZIP File And Click On the HTML File Folder And select Friends

All Of Your Friends Will open in a Web Doc Like This:

I Used Google Sheets Its FREE And EASY To Use

After Copying Your Friends List Paste it Right in the First Box on the Google Sheets

Organize A to Z if you Like Right in the A BOX And Wrap your Text In the FORMAT Section

Now That You are Organized. Set a Goal For yourself.

Go To 20 of your Friends and CONNECT. Do Not use this to Pitch, You will run out of Friends, Be Put in FB JAIL And lose Your ability To use All The Functions of FB.

Now Go Connect With Your Friends, Prosper And Be Merry!!

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Coach Tara

Coach Tara

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