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A Few Night's ago, I was interacting with my friends on Facebook and Noticed a post from a friend promoting her MLM. I was really confused because the post was so far off what I imagine people are wanting when they enter into this space. Let me share it. I will hide the name to protect the innocent…

The Problem With Network Marketing

There are a Few things that are absolutely a red flag with this graph…

  • #1 If you were to consider a Network Marketing Company, It is far better to consider those that have been around for 3 years or so. There are hundreds of New Companies being introduced in this space every year and almost as many of them closing shop. If you are looking at a 3 to 5-year company[Or More], you will find they are more stable in the market place.


  • #2 Ask yourself, Do you REALLY want to be a part of the hype? Or do you want to build a Lasting business that you can rely on for many years to come? Sure, there will be about 2% of all that enroll that rake it in during the hype stage but the rest will not and will feel terrible. Giving the industry an even Worse name. How bout becoming part of a business that has had consistent growth over Long periods of time and it is easy to see that with consistency and commitment the average person Wins? Wouldn’t you rather have a strong customer base and build your business with those that CHOOSE to work their business?


  • #3 This particular post is a Wine Business, Which is way cool with me because I love wine, However, when a Network Marketing company is offering a Product or products that mean the end user would need to Find NEW money to Spend on things they do not really need, How long do you think your distributors and customers are going to stay around? 90 days? Six Months? Maybe… you would really prefer to Be offering a wide variety of products that People are already buying and IMPROVE their experience with Better products. How long do you think your new customer or business builder will stay around if they are saving money and time on products that Improve their lives WITHOUT Spending new money? 3 years? 20 Years?


  • #4 What about that decline? I don’t want anything to do with decline. I don’t want to have to build a whole new business every 6 months to 2 years because I am on a sinking ship… Do You? I don’t know about you, But I have been involved with Network Marketing for years and never found a place to build like I have now. I want to Really help people, whether they want to build their own business or not.

 growth since 1985

This Graph is More like it. A Real Business Model that continues to grow, no matter how “Soon” you get in.

A Model that is consistently making improvements for both the customer and the Business Builder. A Model that you can Depend on and Grow with. A Model that Solely Focuses on Making the Customer and Business Builder Happy instead of Struggling and finding yourself stuck with an overabundance of Expensive supplies you may have never bought if you weren’t sold a dream.

I have Nothing against The Dream, You need to have them, You need to have goals and you need to be in alignment in order to reach them. For Me, I’d rather be confident that I KNOW I can reach em and I don’t have to worry about whether my business can help me reach them or not. I much rather Create My Reality than chasing a Dream. Wouldn’t You?
I’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts In the Comments…
Big Love,
Coach Tara
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