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I hear it all the time… we gotta have Balance in or lives… I have always been the kind of person where What I do is Who I am and have constantly struggled with the Illusion of Balance.

Why do I say ‘Illusion' Because I believe that's what it is. To Appear to have Great Balance in our Work and Personal Lives is to Master the Counterbalance.

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When We think of balance we do not Automatically Think of FOCUS and True balance has everything to do with focus. Most people Think of Balance like a Blend of Everything and begin to act in ways that are counter intuitive to their desired results. Have you ever…

  • Had more than one Tab open while on a webinar?
  • Facebook-ed on your phone while eating dinner with the family?
  • Tried to Hold a Chat conversation while writing a Blog post?

Or Worse,

Attempted to Text while you drove…

Walked Out of the room while your toddler was in the Tub…

All of that is in a futile attempt to BALANCE our lives When What we really should be Doing is WHAT we are doing…With Focus.

You might be asking… ‘Can We Really Have it All?'

Can we have deep relationships with our loved ones And Have a successful Thriving business? Can we Enjoy time off of work And Maintain the growth we need for our Living?

Can We Counterbalance in such a way that We feel fulfilled in all areas of our life?

The Answer is YES.

Give Yourself the Gift of Focused counterbalance. When You are Doing One thing, Do not do anything else. When you are at work, BE AT WORK in your Business, When you are at Play, BE AT PLAY. when you are spending quality time with your loved ones, SPEND quality Time with your Loved ones. Your Addiction to The Chaos of Balance will Tempt you Time and Time again. Don't waiver on your path. I Believe in you And I Know you can overcome it.

Grab the Book “The One Thing” Add it to your Library and Read it !

STOP trying to do everything all at once. You will have tremendously more success in everything you do when you STOP doing more than one thing at a time.

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