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Today, I am going to keep it really short. I wanted to Share with you exactly how to create a FB Event for your business and Why you should be using them as well. I have a Few rules that I live by in regards to FB Events for Business and I KNOW you should live By Them Too.


Only Create Business Events On FB FROM your Business Page [Fan Page]. Facebook EXPLICITLY does not want you to conduct Business on your Personal Profile, SO DON'T DO IT.   DO not Create an Event and Not Have an ACTUAL Event. Events are Just That, Events. Ask yourself This: is this A Webinar, Hangout, Conference call or Live Meeting? DO NOT, No matter How Tempted You Are, INVITE PEOPLE TO YOUR BLOG POST or Your LEAD MAGNET. That Is TACKY And People HATE to be invited to an event that is Not an ACTUAL event.   Invite People That Would be Interested in your Event, Be Selective, Do Not Attempt to Invite EVERYONE. Funny Thing happened last week, I invited Small Brick and mortar Business owners to a Live Work Shop that Would help them Grow their business, SOMEONE Reported it as SPAM and I was Limited to How many People I could invite. So, even though I carefully invited people I thought would be interested, I still ended up with That One Bad Egg. BE SELECTIVE. Now That we Have The Rules to Live by, Here is a Short Video I put together teaching you how to create a FB Event From your Business page and why it is So Awesome.

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Coach Tara

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