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Can I ask you a Question to get us going today… What your Business look like if you were to sponsor 2 more people per month into your company? Would That get you into profit? Help you hit the next rank? Pay your Car payment… Utility Bill? Would it help you say NO to your Boss more so you can Be with your Family More? What ever it is for you, I know that 2 more new team members Per month means more than what You can even imagine for yourself right now.

Today, I choose to spend my morning learning from one of my favorite people in our Industry, Ray Higdon. You might have heard of him before. He is beloved in our industry, First Because We love to Learn from him, And Second, Because he is Down here in the trenches. So When I have the opportunity to learn from him, I take it. BONUS it was Free, all I needed to do was invest my Time.

How to Sponsor more People into your Company

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I choose to bring to you This Major point from the Webinar that will help you to sponsor more people into your company.

Ray Higdon's Daily Method of Operation Sponsoring Secret #2

  1. Create Content Every day. Shoot a video, Write a blog, Persiscope, Hold a hangout. No matter what create Content every day.
  2. 30 minutes of Marketing training and Application. Learn Something to help you be a better marketer so You attract more qualified prospects. Apply what you learn, and market your Content.
  3. 30 Minutes Mindset. Read, Audio, Watch something everyday that Helps your Mindset become and stay strong. When your mindset is in the right place, NOTHING can stop you from making success in your life so be sure to sharpen this every single day.
  4. 15 Minutes Afformations. No, I did not spell it wrong 🙂 The Why and What Questions that will help you reach goals faster. [Learn More about Afformations Here]
  5. Connect With 20 People Per Day. In Person or on social media. Big Word here is CONNECT. Ray makes it clear that Connecting is not the same as jumping right in to Pitch. It Is Simply Connecting with People and building rapport.

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This webinar was so much more than just his daily Routine. Ray Higdon gets deep about his Sponsoring Secrets:

* He shows you amazing ways to deal with objections (I’ve never heard such effective advice)…

* How to build immediate rapport and get prospects to love you right away…

* Finally how to ditch the lame scripts and be real during all your presentations…

I KNOW my conversions from lead generation to recruiting reps is about to skyrocket very soon.

By Now you are ready to Learn More And Get yourself on the Path of Sponsoring More People into Your Company now.

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Coach Tara

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