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In this post, How to Achieve Limitless Abundance, I will share with you 8 specific steps to help you tap into your limitless abundance. I learned these steps from Dr. David Krueger last Saturday when I attended the Brain-A-Thon hosted bt John Assaraf. I could not wait another day to share them with you!

These steps are PRACTICAL. Meaning They are actions you must actually take to tap into the Limitless abundance that is yours. These are about Building SKILLS that you can use to create the abundance you desire in your life. You will not hear a lot about wishing and hoping here today. This post is dedicated to the action takers, the people that are fed up with the lack that keeps showing up in their lives and is ready to do the Work to change it.

What is your Money Story?

We Project, Based on our BELIEF, Onto and INTO our relationship with Money. Our Beliefs form Neuropathways in our brain that our subconscious mind knows as TRUTH. I'm here to share with you how to reframe your money story and create New TRUTHS about money so you can build an INFORMATION Neuropathway Highway of Positive Abundance getting Beliefs.

The Surface Story and the Shadow Story

Allow me to explain… Your Surface Story is The Thought “I Will Buy a new Computer.” Shadow thought Could be “But I have Bills to pay.” OR “I am tapped into the Abundance I require to buy the computer”

Another Surface Story you might relate to is: “I am Ready for a vacation!” Can You see what Your Shadow story response to that is? What is your First initial feeling about that? Put it in a sentence… Now read it back you yourself. Is The Feeling sentence [Shadow Story] in Perfect alignment with Your Vacation [Surface Story]?

Your SHADOW STORY controls the Emotional reaction you have in regards to your abundance. The Shadow Story MUST be in Alignment with the Surface Story. If You Believe you have the Resouces you require for the computer you will realize the Computer in your life FASTER than if you feel worried that you have bills that could stop you from it. That is where the REAL difference between the wealthy and the poor stand. Yes, we all have Circumstances in our lives, However, Your circumstances will not IMPROVE Before Your Money STORY does. You have got to SEE IT, BELIEVE IT and ACT ON IT  Before You Experience it physically. How do we make that happen? Read on my friend, Read on…

The 8 Steps to Achieve Unlimited Abundance

  • Recognize that we CREATE or AGREE to our Money Story
  • Take Ownership so that you can do a rewrite if you so choose
  • Access your story and Decide what to Keep and what to release
  • Create Your Pathway
  • Track your Progress
  • Take action
  • Be aware of your Justifications -Take note of your reasons WHY NOT and Reframe it to Why you Can
  • Consolidate an identity of abundance

Give Up your Need to Be MOTIVATED. Motivation is not needed. What is Needed is a PLAN and all you need to do is take action on it.

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If you are serious about achieving Unlimited abundance and are ready to go WAY deeper on this subject with me, I recommend Getting Dr. David's Book The Secret Language of Money: How to Make Smarter Financial Decisions and Live a Richer Life. As a bonus to the First 20 People that purchase this book from My Amazon Link ], I will set up a PRIVATE FB Group in which we will WORK on this Book together and get the support we all need when creating Our NEW Money Story. You will Need to Email me Your Receipt Here and Friend me on FB so I can add you to the Group.

I ALSO Highly Recommend Attending The BRAIN-A-Thon Yourself!

Big Love and Abundance To You!

Coach Tara

How to Achieve Limitless Abundance