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How To Get More Done In Less Time

I unlocked a Powerful bonus in my “Wining The Game Of Money” Course Called “ How To Get More Done In Less Time” And I thought You would LOVE to Get my Notes on this Crazy Awesome Workshop I attended this morning.

In The “How To Get More done in Less Time” John Assaraf Details how You can Become 3 x More Productive in your Business and Life. I am Just Thrilled to share my notes with you because I know this will Help Many of you to get Your Actions to Achieving in Sync. This Doc will be Raw and to the point, so you can get Started ASAP on creating a More productive schedule in place.


In our industry, we here Return On Investment so much we might as well just Give in to the OVERWHELM of Trying to Figure out What exactly that is. Depending on which ‘GuRu’ you are following, you will hear many different ideas on what that entails. Some will say That Blogging will not give you a return on Investment and others will say is A MUST Do. Some will say Focus solely on ACTIVE Prospecting while others will say Passive Prospecting like Marketing, Blogging and Video is where you should focus… This can be difficult for even a seasoned business person to determine for themselves… Get my Drift?
I Suggest YOU will not be able to figure those things out until You get ORGANIZED in your Mind, What your Best Time Spent should be.
RETURN ON ENERGY [ROE] Solves this problem. It is tantamount that you chisel your BEST work into a Return on Energy so that you can Move into the understanding of What ROI will work for YOU and Your goals and Business.

8 Areas of Lack that are getting in your way…

This is different for each of us, Some of these areas I list here may be Strong Points for you. Take what you need 
  1. You Lack The Skills.
  2. You Lack the Focus.
  3. You Lack the System.
  4. You Lack the Boundaries.
  5. You Lack Accountability.
  6. You Lack The Confidence.
  7. You Lack the Emotional and Mental Management.
  8. You Lack the Discipline.
Write a list of What you need to learn. Get Clarity on your TRUE reasons Why. Find and learn a System to build your day [I’ll show you one way am starting NOW]. Your boundaries need to become clear. You need to hold yourself accountable or get an accountability partner. You must build your confidence. You must learn to manage your emotions. And you need to develop your Discipline.
I will be going over HOW TO on each of these points in this Post.


Take 30 Minutes to an Hour to Sit down and write your goals. Chunk those goals in these Timeframes:
  • The Year
  • 6 Months
  • And 90 days
TIP: Remove ALL distractions during this process. Close your Tabs, Put your Phone on Airplane mode, Tell your children you need this time, or ask someone to watch them for the hour while you focus. These Goals Must Be SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE


  1. One Hour Per Month to Review Your Goals and Adjust as Needed
  2. Half Hour Per Week to Review and Adjust
  3. And MOST Importantly 15 Munites Per DAY to Read your Goals
THIS Activates Your CEO MIND [The Left Frontal Cortex of your Brain]


Write Down 3 things You can Do NOW to Achieve These Goals. NOT TEN, Just 3.
This will help you to determine which of the 8 possible weakness you can Turn around NOW and prioritize The Fix.
TIP: If you are having Difficulty trying to get this all figured out, GET Help. Talk to your Coach at your next session or HIRE ONE.

For Every Hour of Planning, you save 10 hours.

What Ever is Worth Doing is Worth Measuring.

John Suggested his course

The Cloning of Business Success Program

There are over 50 hours of video training revealing advanced business strategies most entrepreneurs will never know. On top of that, there is a 200 page manual with specific exercises and planning techniques that is worth its weight in gold. You’ll also get case studies of my most successful marketing, sales and leadership techniques responsible for millions in monthly sales. These are digital downloads and include the following bonuses: 3 – 90-minute business growth Q&A calls with John Assaraf ($2,000 value). 5 personality profiles for the client and their team ($1,500 value). Triple your sales with Jon Bowes, NeuroGym copy writer, 90 minute Q&A ($500 value) plus 5 more bonuses. Get More Information Here

Decide What Level You want to Engage in your business at and ACT on That

Decide And ACT


Chunk Your time into 20 to 90 Minute time Blocks.
Set your Schedule according to Your PEAK Energy Level.
Identify your peak Zone times… are You a Morning Person, a Night Owl and so on.

3 Steps to Uncover your Goals

  1. Generalize- Dump all of your ideas onto a piece of paper [Or Several, if needed]
  2. Organize that ‘Brain Dump’ by Categorizing each Idea into specific areas of your life and business.
  3. Prioritize each Idea
  • Urgent
  • Important
  • Trivial
ALWAYS Manage yourself in Time by Doing the CRITICAL and Urgent First. The Important and Trivial WILL and CAN Wait.

20% of what you do yields 80% of your results. If you love Your Results, Keep Going… If you are not happy with your results, Do Something about it.

Do Not Confuse Activity with Productivity

Daily Results Planner.

John recommends setting up Your DAILY Planner in this way, I LOVE IT and And designing my Own Journal/ Planner around it. You can Purchase Composition Books or Fancy Journals of your own Using his Simple And Effective Outline [Access That HERE] I was able to do a simple serch on google So this DRP Link is here as a matter of your convience.

OverWhelm CURE

You Can’t do it all and you can’t do it ALL NOW.

Ask yourself these KEY Questions as you look over your Goals, Strategies, and Tactics and Make a decision on how to proceed.
  1. Do You HAVE to Do it All Yourself?
  2. Can You DELEGATE some Tasks?
  3. Can You Defer The Task to A later Time?
  4. Can You Just DELETE IT from your Focus altogether?



Next Time someone, a friend a team mate, or a sponsor asks you to Do something for them, SAY NO. Do that for 67 days. Do it UNTIL your DEFAULT ANSWER IS NO. This will help you to determine what you want to say YES TO more clearly than you are now.

Confidence and Certainty

Confidence and certainty are developed based on three aspects:
  • Skills
  • Fears
  • Habits
As these areas are improved upon, Your Confidence and Certainty are Increased to UNBREAKABLE.

YOUR Daily Rituals Help You to Break Your Bad habits and Create the discipline you need to Move Forward Successfully.

Your New Daily Rituals

  • Every Night, Review your Goals, The Yearly, The 6 Months, the 90 days, the Monthly, weekly. Get your brain thinking about these Wonderful things!
  • Visualize and Emotionalize those goals. Take 60 seconds to 5 minutes to imagine yourself FEELING so Elated about the results you are achieving. [Even if there is no physical evidence of it today]
  • 15 minutes at night, before bed, Fill out Your Daily Results Planner for the next Day
  • Commit Your Most Productive 90 Minutes to Your CRITICAL And URGENT To Do’s [90 minutes is flexible and can be as small as 15 minutes, You have to figure that out]
  • Prioritize Meditation. Take 15 to 60 minutes to meditate each day. I Use the Innercise Audio of the week in the “Winning the Game of Money “ course.
In Conclusion:
I hope that you have enjoyed these notes from John Assaraf's “How To Get More Done In Less Time” Course. If you want to go deeper, I recommend taking the “Winning the Game Of Money” Course Or “Chose Your Own Adventure For Business
Big Love,
Coach Tara
How To Get More Done In Less Time
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