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How to Determine What is TRULY Important in your life.

Confession time…Yes, it is true, I can be very sensitive to events in my day to day life. Over the past week, I experienced that in a big way. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to Maximize or Minimize the importance of these events any more than they need to be. However, if you are like most other humans at all, you might just find yourself in a funk from time to time because you are reacting to those events in a way that is out of alignment with Who You Truly Are and Who you are truly Becoming.

When I got the call last night that we were having a Snow day today, a wave of relief washed over me. Not that I do not enjoy my day job, I do, TREMENDOUSLY. I felt relief because I felt like I could be involved in my business today like I could get something done that brings me closer to my goals and vision for myself and my family. 

So, let's look into Why I don't feel like I can be involved in my business when there are no snow days… That is a mental fault keeping my monkey mind working instead of my Higher mind doing. I have been allowing things that do not matter at all to interfere with my business and interfere with my enjoyment at my day job. That does not serve me or anyone around me. 

Are You GUILTY of That From Time to Time?

It is time to put it all into perspective so that You and I can LIVE and Work in a  way that demonstrates OUR Highest abilities.


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How to Determine What Is TRULY Important


How to Determine what is Important

Big Love,

Coach Tara

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