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Do you ever find yourself annoyed with other people? Have you been guilty of Complaining about it? Do you find yourself in a state of Judgment of others? Are there times when You become so enraged or upset with what someone else does that it has a negative impact on your day? If you answered YES to Any of those questions You are in the right place. In this article, I am going to share something I learned and now practice to help me Be a More peaceful person.

 The Benefits Of Recognizing What Drives Us Crazy 

When we ignore the things that drive us crazy we build up stress and resentment in our bodies and it overflows into our results. For those of us that are creating Bigger more powerful Results in our lives and business, we can no longer allow those Feelings to get stuffed into our minds. If you are like me at all, You may have chosen to ignore these icky feelings because You have been told that you should focus on the Positive.
I must stress to you that Focussing on the Positive IS STILL a REQUIREMENT for Success, However, we should give ourselves the Gift of Getting the negatives we experience Out of our mind by RECOGNISING them.
This week, I want to encourage you to Take note of the things that bother you as you go through your days. *Note: This is not a bitch-fest or a complaining session that we all engage in from time to time. This is a RECOGNISE and RELEASE practice to help you Put those negatives in their proper place.

WHY Bother doing this?

This will Help you to maintain a more peaceful demeanor, Your Fuse will become much longer [Something I totally can Use] Your Compassion for yourself will deepen and Your mood will lift. Your Choices will become Clearer because You will become more mindful of What You DO want to experience therefore Sharpening your Resolve.

HOW do I do it?

Using an App like Evernote or even a little notebook, Take the time to note something that bothers you when it Bothers you. Then Ask yourself How you can Hold that with Kindness and Compassion. Remove the Source of that Bother and Take responsibility for the Way that Bother makes you feel.

Let Me Give You an Example.

If you are eating with a coworker at lunch and you find that way they chew their food Highly Irritating, take a mental note that it bothers you. Release The Coworker from Any responsibility to Solve The problem. Then Just let it be. Notice that Your inner Reaction is Your choice and you are alright with that. Write it or type it down [Just The Subject, Not a Long description ie. Noisey Chewing vs Sally makes horrible squelching sounds when she eats] in your secret notebook or on a Note in Evernote. Then Immediately Move on.

Super Powerful Tips

At the end of each day, flesh out your overall survey of thoughts for the day. [1] Try to uncover any vague or partially hidden thoughts that were behind the feeling of conflict, upset or distress you were considering. As an aid to seeing these, you might ask yourself the following questions:
  • What person or situation appears to be at the center of this emotion?
  • What does this person or situation symbolize to me? What do they represent or remind me of?
At the End of the week Review your Ick List then Delete it Or in the Case of The Handwritten, Tear the Pages out and Destroy them, Either by Ripping, Burning, or Crumbling up into a ball and tossing in the garbage.

May You have A STELLER Week!! I Look forward to hearing your thoughts after this week. Will you feel more peaceful? More Compassionate? Freer?

Big Love,

Coach Tara

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[1] Italics Source NeuroGym Newsletter