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6 Steps to Create Lasting Change

Why is it so hard to make lasting change? Have you ever written a New Year's Resolution only to find yourself disappointed and frustrated with yourself for not reaching that goal? Have you ever found yourself feeling jealous when you witness someone set out on a goal and they achieve it? What is it that Goal achievers know that you don’t?
In today’s coaching message, I am going to reveal to you 6 steps to help you become a master of change in your life. Great achievers may not even realize that they move through these steps, however, they do.
Before I get into the meat of it, I want to share that Change is actually as hard as you think it is… So the KEY thing to keep in mind is YOU are Completely in Control of HOW you THINK, And Continuing to THINK it is hard does not serve you.

Understanding the Cycle of Growth

When we set out to make a change in our lives, whether it is to lose weight, build our business, stop smoking, or train for a marathon, we experience 4 major cycles of growth if we achieve our goal. If we fall short, when do not experience them all.

Cycle 1: Inception

This is the Exciting time. We have made a decision and we are really excited about it. We have taken several steps in preparation for our goal success. Our attitude and effort is HIGH, we might not be any good at the motions, but we are enthusiastic and confident.
Let me give you an example. This one is great because I have personally embarked on this “Change” several times. And though, I have been successful in MUCH of the change, I still have not reached full Identity change on it.
Get Healthy
First thing we do is buy a gym membership or a great pair of sneakers. We get the workout clothes, we order products to help us, we throw out all the garbage food in our house, we go nuts making room for our goal. We wake up early for the first couple of weeks to get our workout on. We drink copious amounts of water… The list goes on and on. Then we Hit Cycle 2…

Cycle 2: Deception

This is where more than 87% of people QUIT on their goals. In cycle 2 we become painfully aware that we are NOT seeing results, that we are uncomfortable with our new lifestyle and that we just don’t really know what we are doing. We begin to skip workouts, we notice how busy we are and start making poor food choices. We may even get buyers remorse and want to quit that gym membership or stop ordering the products that are designed to help us.
Sound familiar?
I want to encourage you RIGHT NOW to start celebrating in your mind when you notice you are in this cycle of growth. Why? Because Once you move THROUGH THIS CYCLE and you don’t quit on your goal, you are only going to SUCCEED. This is where we build our mental muscles and strengthen our resolve. Because the Next cycle of growth is very Powerful.

Cycle 3: Transformation

Now you are seeing Results. Your clothes are getting loose, you are feeling great, your friends notice you new physical appearance. Now that you are starting to see the results you have been working so hard to achieve, you KNOW you can do it and are confident that you have the power to change your health for the better.
This is where the rest of the 98% QUIT… why? They start to allow some things to seep back into their habits because they feel that they know how to turn it around. And though that is true, it often results in the Yo Yo Dieting effect which brings the person right back to the beginning, never moving toward the ACTUAL realization of the goal which is when Our entire Identity BECOMES the Result of our goal.


When we step into Identity, we become completely unconsciously competent. Waking early to go for a run is just second nature, we don’t have to struggle to make it happen. We naturally reach for the healthier food because it becomes our Preference. The tools we used to reach the goal become part of our lives. We no longer have to THINK about it because it has become us.
This is where REAL BIG Growth can happen and why successful people are always setting new goals. Let me share an example of a friend of mine. About 6 years ago, my friend Andre decided he wanted to be healthier. He was approaching middle age and heart attack season and just did not want to be unhealthy. He decided he was going to become a runner. He started to train for a 5 k. He set a schedule, bought his supplements and changed his eating habits. He went through each stage of growth. Now, 6 years later, he has fully adopted the RUNNER identity. He has gone on to run over 17 Marathons. His entire identity has switched into a Full blown Runner and now he is currently setting new goals and increasing his identity by training for triathlons and duathlons. He continues to challenge himself because it's FUN TO not because he quit and had to start over.
 6 Steps to Create Lasting Change

So… HOW do we Move through these Cycles of Growth so We can BECOME who we want to be?

1- Regulate and Manage your Focus
Train yourself to be fully self-aware. Notice when you get self-defeating thoughts and make a conscious effort to put them back into the place that gives you joy. [See This Post for Ideas]
2- Power Your Focus
Develop the language you will tell yourself in order to Stay focused on your Goal. Affirmations, Meditations, Dream Boarding and positive self-talk [Check out This Post]
3- Visualize Your Change
Set the Movie of your REALIZED Self in your Mind as IF it has already happened. Emotionalize this mind movie with joyous feelings. Write it out, what is your Perfect day and are you in alignment with that in your emotional mind?
4- Active Awareness
Ask yourself questions, like ‘How am I feeling right now? How can I become more peaceful right now? What Can I do Right Now? How Good does it feel right now?’ Don’t worry, You don’t have to answer them, you will find the answers will come to you naturally.
5- Action
The Law of Attraction ends with 6 beautiful letters A-C-T-I-O-N. Every Single day, do EVERYTHING you can to pull you closer to your goal. Become a person of action. Fill your time with a variety of things that move you forward and delete the things that do not. This is where your self-awareness will come in handy. Become diligent and unapologetic when eliminating the things you do that keep you from your full identity change in regards of your goals. [Another Helpful Post for your Tool box]
6- Transform into Your New Identity
This is my favorite because it is fun. In this step you want to fully ACT AS IF you are Already Fully identified with your COMPLETED GOAL.

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One of the most powerful Goal achieving things we can do is Modeling. Model the people that you identify with your goal achieved.
Want to be A Savvy investor, Model Warren Buffett
Want to be a Successful Business builder, Model one that you resonate with
Want to Be fit and healthy, Model someone that is.
Play dress up or dress down to start becoming the goal you wish to achieve.
I sure hope this helps you to become who you truly are!!
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Big Love,
Coach Tara
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