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In the video I posted yesterday on Facebook, I shared why I believe CONFIDENCE or Lack there of is a Critical Factor for success in Business and Life.

I received a Flood of messages asking me to help with How we can Develop our confidence NOW. So Instead of Leaving it a mystery to those that Did not reach out. I shot Another video and in this video  [And Blog] I will share with you 3 Things you can Do now that will Give You the bullet proof confidence You need to Live the Successful life You deserve.

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3 Steps to Develop Bullet Proof Confidence:

  1. Do The Higdon: Every time you Learn something new in your Business and in life, APPLY IT and TEACH it Right away. Shoot that Video, Write That Blog, Post That Post And Help others learn too. You have a Unique Voice and the people trying to Get Your attention are THIRSTY for your teaching. The More you share the wealth of information you have and learn The MORE folks will look to you as an Authority. Your Confidence will Grow with Your Repetition of the Higdon Method.
  2. FOLLOW Through. The More you follow through on what you promise yourself or others that you will do, the More confidence you will Have and the more confidence others will have in you. Be KNOWN as a person of your word. Dust off a few of those already forgotten resolutions you wrote last month and Have at it. Be a someone that does what they say they are going to do, No matter what.
  3. Use Affirmations. Speak confidence and success into your life and business.

“I Now go from Success to Greater success with go's rich help. I give Thanks that my success is BIG, Powerful And Irresistible, and that It appears NOW.” – Catherine Ponder ‘The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

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Coach Tara

Coach Tara

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